Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Taste buds Tuesday - A variety of buds

As much as I love trying new recipes or just plain baking of whatever is available, I am very lucky to have a variety of people willing to try what I have made.  Lately I have been bringing a small plate of whatever baking item to the guys at the pro shop of the the golf course I go weekly.  They are very appreciative of what I bring and gives me a very honest opinion of the treats.  Since I have been doing it for a few months, now some of the guys have a favorite.  When I use to volunteer weekly at the other golf course, I would also bring the guys the same treat.  Last Sunday, I substituted in the afternoon which was my old shift.  The guy that works the afternoon shift was so happy to see a small plate of treats and he knew right away who brought it.  He was very thankful that I was back but was disappointed to find out I was only there as a substitute.  I am not sure why I am stuck with recipes that involves PECANS.  So far I have made Pecan coconut pie, Pecan Pie bars, and this morning I made Pecan bark.  My BFF Jean loves the combination pecan coconut pie because those two ingredients are her favorite.  She loved it so much that she wants to order that specific pie for her birthday next month.  As for the Pecan pie bar, one of the guys at the golf course loved it so much he ate almost 6 pieces before the end of his shift.  The Pecan bar was not what I expected because it was a little too crispy that it's crumbling when it's cut into squares.  There's probably some sort of trick that whoever posted it did not include in the recipe.  Of course, this does not stop me from searching and trying new recipes that has Pecan as an ingredient.  Which one of these do you think your taste buds would love?

Pecan coconut pie

Pecan Bark

Pecan Chewy

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