Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stitching Sunday - More sewing projects

There will be 30 girls in Cameroon who will be so thrilled when they finally received one of the items that I have been making for over two weeks.  Last night I completed the project and deliver it to the coordinator of the non profit organization.  When one of my friends saw what I have been making, she wanted me to show her how to make them because she has a niece currently working in Burkina Faso.  She sent some photos to her and she just love the idea.  Now that I am finished with the first project, I will take a break and do some of the other stuff I want to create.  I have another couple of orders for aprons.  Then I will start on my other flip flops that I will decorate and I will use it for gifts or just house slippers for guests.

I made 60 of these pads.

These are my friend Tran's set.
Debbie's flipflops

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