Monday, April 25, 2016

Motivation Monday - Need more hours in a day

Once a month I receive notices from the Volunteer Match that I might be interested.  But lately my time is spent sewing, volunteering, studying and of course golf and housework.  Not in that order but some days it would be night to have more day time hours.  I guess if I live in Northern Canada, I will definitely have a lot of day time hours specially during the summer.  Since all my sewing needs are spread out between the living room and dining room, I wanted to do as much of the sewing projects as I can before we go on vacation.  When I put the sewing machine away, the rest of the fabrics and notions are also put away in their respective boxes or drawers.  The other important task that I need to get motivated is preparing for my US Citizenship test.  As I have mentioned before, I will be helping out next month with the Mock Interview process for applicants needing some practice and assistance with their application.  What is great about this volunteer work is that it's a win win for me.  I am able to help other applicants while I am learning what I need to practice for myself.  Next month I am helping a next door neighbor with her garage sale.  My job is like a security person because some of the items for sale are a bit more expensive than most garage sale.  Remember the volunteer that I use to do every Sunday at a golf course?  Now they are looking for more substitute and in order to help out, I pick a shift at least once a month.  This way if I ever want to golf there anytime, it's FREE.  Almost forgot, not only am I motivated about all of these, I am so motivated to get a new laptop or tablet or something to replace the one that I am using.

 Image result for laptop

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Maybe I can get one of this at the same time I get the laptop.
Voice2 GPS Randgefinder
Or maybe even one of this.

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