Sunday, April 17, 2016

Secluded Sunday - Last minute get away

The forecast for the weekend was going to be really nice with no clouds or rain.  We knew we were not going to get anything cheap even on those last minute deals for accommodation.  After discussing with my MIL and Jeff, we decided to head south last Friday and spend the weekend with one of Jeff's cousin who resides in a small town but not populated by tourists.  Since I have not seen this part of California I knew that it would  be a great weekend get away because we will be staying with family.  The area was called Arroyo Grande.  It was pretty dark by the time we got to Debbie's home but I could see that they had a quaint little downtown area.  Before settling for the night, we had tea and some of the Banana Bread that I made while catching up on stories and getting the ten cent tour of her home.  We all slept in till about 900 and decided to check out one of their local Country Kitchen for breakfast.  There was touristy town called Solvang that I wanted to see.  Since it's only 45 minutes away we headed in that direction after breakfast.  We arrived at this little Denmark like place. I was surprised that there were so many tourist from other countries there. We walked around checking all the different stores, some were just very much for tourist and others were truly interesting.  For lunch we stopped by Solvang Brewing Company.  They were quite busy but we were to get seated quick and lunch arrived timely.  Food was just edible, nothing to rave about.  After lunch it was time to head back home as it was getting a little too hot and we were all getting tired.  We manage to stop at a Walmart and I found more flipflops that I can decorate and use as house slippers for my guests.  As dinner was closing in, it was time to pick another place to try.  I did a little research and found a seafood bar and grill that was a five minute from Debbie's.  We all agreed we wanted to try their fish and chips and this is what we ended up ordering.  This is called the Family Plate.  

There were at least 16 pieces of fish and we did not even finish.

Debbie's side yard.

The view for the living room window.

Part of Solvang downtown.

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