Sunday, April 3, 2016

Simplistic Sunday - Binki Burpees Bibs for Babies

There is nothing more special than home made items for your new baby.  Now a days everyone seems to be doing crafts, sewing, etc aka DIY.  It is very interesting to see a lot of the younger moms at home being creative and sharing what they have made at home.  Not only in crafts, it seems like every one is cooking, baking and decorating.  With so many variety of information online, there is nothing you cannot do if you really want to do it.  So what am I going to do with all these baby things that I have been creating.  There are still many more sets to complete but for now this here's a sample.  Since I am not opening a store or a website for selling these things I make, a friend of mine gave me an idea.  I can donate some of these sets to less fortunate families who are having a new baby.  There's a hospital that I can stop by and ask the Nursery department if they actually need some of these.

This is what a set of B4 would  be.

I would need to make burpees to match these bibs.

Binki's that needed matching.

So are these burpees.
I really need to get back to sewing and finish all these projects before I start my new flip flops DIY.

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