Friday, April 8, 2016

Flipflops Friday - It's time for new ones

Spring is here and everything seems to be blooming. Around the neighborhood, several variety of roses are coming out and other types of flowers are showing their colors.   But what is more exciting is that I stumble upon a very colorful but simple and comfortable flip flops.  Of course I had to get some because I need to replace some of the old ones.  Maybe because the price is right, that's it, I can afford to get at least four pairs.  After searching on Pinterest, I decided to create my own flip flops embellishments.  I have so many left over remnants that I hate to discard because of their size that is why I have been saving them.  Now I can use them for making some smaller items like decorating my flipflops or making headband for little girls or whatever small crafty items I can find.  What do you think? 
Would you be interested in owning one of these fancy flip flops?


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