Friday, April 22, 2016

Flowery Friday - Everythings coming up roses

When I saw all the roses blooming in our front yard this morning, all I can think of is that old song "everything's coming up roses".  But the good news is that it's not only the roses, inside our home, in our living is the miracle plant.  Actually it's the same orchid plant that I have been bragging about.  Yes, I am bragging because I cannot believe that there are four blooms.  If you remember last summer when I received this plant from my next door neighbor Pam, I told her that I will try my very best not to kill it because I know I am not very good at taking care of indoor plants.  But since Jeff is the one in charge of watering plants both in and out, then I have to give him most of the credit.  Of course I do all the talking to the plant and maybe that is what's keeping it alive.  While most of the roses in the neighborhood are all in full bloom, we only have a couple of rose bush, yellow and orange.  Again, Jeff planted it last spring and so far it has produced some really nice roses.  Here's my proof of all the flowers that I have been bragging about.

Fourth orchid on the left and the fifth one still not open.

There are at least three other roses on this bush.

Third orchid on the upper left.  They actually look very healthy.

I was thinking of cutting them for our dining room but they look so pretty in our front yard.

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