Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Westward Wednesday - Worthwhile trip

There are so many nice things worth mentioning during our last trip to Canada.  Although we were on the west side of the country, everything about Canada remains the same.  First of all the people are so friendly, hospitable and helpful.  Jeff cannot get over on how great the road conditions of their highway.  The drivers are very courteous to other drivers and pedestrians.  One day we stopped by an Irish pub along the way because we wanted to see the Blue Jays game.  We sat the at the bar and met two people having a great time.  Next thing you know, the young man was buying us shooters after he found out we were visitors to their community.  He had just finished his 8 days shift of driving and was taking his mother for lunch and some drink.  There gave us information about certain areas that are great for retirement, golf courses and more.  The hotel that we stayed in Vernon has the friendliest staff and provided all the information we required.  While checking out properties, the realtor from Century 21 (Laurie) took the time showing us what we requested and gave us a different view of the area using the back country roads.  Most of the places we stopped to have our meals or drinks provided a great customer service.  They were very attentive but not annoying.  It was a very worthwhile trip except for the part where six junior hockey team checked in on Friday afternoon at the same hotel we were staying.  They were very noisy and packed the breakfast area and the hallways and the pool/hot tub.  The hotel staff were very apologetic and we just dealt with it by leaving early and coming home late.  This was a great excuse to start our day early to see some of the scenic and tourists spot.

Golf course outside Kamloops, BC

Okanagan Lake

Pub and Liquor Store along Highway 97

Outskirts of Vernon, BC

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