Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Treats Tuesday - Winging it

Last Friday I invited three girls who I worked with for my weekly volunteer.  We have been planning this girls night out at my house but due to my very busy schedule we couldn't pick a date.  I decided to just ask them out of the blue if they were free on Friday and they were.
I made a simple light dinner and added a couple of treats.  There were a couple of apples that needed to be used so I made half an apple pie which looks like a calzone.  Since I only used one of the ready made crust, I decided to make some mini butter tarts as it was a perfect little dessert to go with ice cream or just by itself.  Most times when planning meals I usually start with what I have and go from there.  It's very interesting what you end up with,  just by checking what's in the fridge and your cupboards.  The girls night out at home was a success.  Everyone had fun and we even manage to play Sing Star on my old PS2.

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