Monday, November 16, 2015

Muff Monday - I'm so into NFL

Monday night football, Thursday night football and All day Sunday football, I am watching it. If you are a football fan I am sure you know their standings.  I am very happy to say that my favorite team is currently 9-0.  I truly don't care what they say about Brady because right now they are just in their zone.  Somehow I think that the more they talk about him and get him upset, the better he plays.  Just look at their stats.  So what is MUFF - according to wiki

A loose ball that is dropped or mishandled while the player is attempting to gain possession.

When I first started watching football, I had very limited knowledge, basically I knew all the teams names and how many points they get.  Since I moved to SJC,  I tried to watch as many games as I can and read some of the terminology and different plays.  Now it is really addicting specially when the games are so tight and it could go either way. What Jeff thinks is funny is when the Patriots are playing, I can only watch when they are winning, once the scores are so close, I get all nervous and walk away until they get another touchdown.  Since we are on the west coast, we rarely see their games and I can only get the highlights on the NFL channel.  Sometimes I check on my phone for their scores.  I sometimes wish we had a different cable provider so we can get all the sports channel that covers all the games that I like watching.  NFL, NHL, golf and tennis are my favorite.

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