Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Windy Wednesday - It was a blustery day

The sky was blue and the sun was shinning so brightly but there was a very strong blustery cold wind.  That was the weather when I decided to golf this week.  Oh bother.  I wore my leggings under my golf pants, a golf shirt with light sweater and a warm hoodie.  It was so cold I thought I was back in Canada.  It was very deceiving because of the blue sky and a very sunny day.  I realized that they have some sort of changing of the leaves at the golf course so I took time to take a couple of picture.  Although it's changing but cannot be compared to the ones you will see if you are in Ontario, Canada. This morning I also noticed how bright the Pirocanthas which are directly in front of our kitchen windows.  Definitely a sign of fall/winter.  In another month fall is over and winter arrives.  When we were in Vernon, BC last month, there was a sign along the highway that is a reminder."Are you ready for winter".  It's difficult sometimes to think of winter when there's no sign of the white stuff. There's a need to dress warm as it gets cold early in the morning and after the sun set.  I realize I need some warm long sleeve shirt if I decide to continue golfing for the next three months.

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