Saturday, November 7, 2015

Squashy Saturday - A different variety

Remember that weekend when the hockey team showed up, that was Friday and we decided to check out Davidson Orchards which was located a few minutes from our hotel.  Since the tourist season was almost over, we thought that it would be a little quiet and the view from the orchard was so pretty that we could sit outside and have lunch.  Wrong!  We arrived there and the parking lot was packed and there were children everywhere.  It was their day off and even several child care buses with smaller children arrived.  There was no place to sit and have lunch as they were all having their picnics.  All we could do was check out the place quickly, take some photos and leave.  It was too bad because I wanted to ride their little train that takes them to the orchards and winery.  Instead, I will share photos of the different variety of gourds.  No fruits from the orchard as their season was over.


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