Monday, November 9, 2015

Miraculous Monday - The roses are still alive

This past summer we were wondering what other type of flowers we can plant that would not attract the squirrels or other critters.  We also wanted some perennials and a few annuals.  I am sure I have featured the two color roses that Jeff and I decided to get.  We were a bit worried on how long it will survive because of the current drought in our area.  It must be some miracle because after some blooms, it seems like it was going to die.  Last week I took a couple of photos because they were so alive and the colors were so vibrant.  A few days ago we had some rain and I am sure all our plants were having a party.  Although the temperature is getting a bit colder in the evening, during the day the sun still keeps it warm and comfy.  All the plants in our backyard are also doing well.  As for winter crops, Jeff will be planting some in the next few days as he is still preparing the planter beds.  Check out our beautiful roses.

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