Friday, November 20, 2015

Fresh Fish Friday - Sushi feast

Do you remember those days when you couldn't eat meat on Friday?  I seem to recall when we were growing up that Friday meals would be fish only.  For breakfast would be fish and rice, same for lunch and dinner would be fish again.  The only difference is that it'll be fried,
boiled or grilled. I am sure there are still households that follows the Fish Friday. Even restaurants seems to have fish and chips on Fridays.  Now a days you can have fish any day of the week.  There are so many Sushi restaurants everywhere you go.  Even some of the small towns both in the USA and Canada are opening Sushi places.  Although the bigger cities have a very good variety of Sushi places that serves more exciting pieces.  What I am sharing with you today are photos taken by my daughter during their dinner last Tuesday. It was my favorite SIL's birthday and they celebrated it at Yasu in Toronto.  Apparently you get 18 different piece for your dinner. I guess my daughter was hungry and forgot to take a photo of the other 5 pieces.  For now I can just imagine how awesome each piece and maybe the next time I am visiting Toronto, I will definitely have to try this place.

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