Monday, August 31, 2015

Manageable Monday- Hair and Nail Change

The latest nail polish I chose was a little too dark for the summer.  My daughter was right.  Although she loves the combination, it was more for the fall.  This past weekend I decided to change it.  It was time anyway since a couple of them are already chipped.  Not only am I switching nail colors, this week I booked an appointment with my hairstylist, Kevin.  It has been over a year since I've been there.  As you know I have been doing my roots and one time Jeff tried putting the Ombre look and it still looks great.  My dilemma is that my bangs are long and I can't stand it anymore.  I need my bangs again and the rest of my hair needs a good cut.  The last two times, Jeff was brave enough to just give it a quick trim just to get the dry ends.  I figured I have saved enough money from doing my roots and hair trim.  As for the style, it depends on what I feel like when I get to my appointment.  Kevin is pretty good with styling my hair the way I like and following a photo of the cut I would prefer.  I just hope that I picked the right style that is a bit shorter than what I have with more layers and maybe even have some high lights again.  I am also contemplating on getting a bit lighter color compared to the dark brown that I have right now.  Something where the grey won't be as noticeable when they start growing.  Jeff is really not ready to have a woman with grey hair.  Not just him, I know I am old but I don't want to look too too old.  

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  1. Can't wait to see your new style! I know you'll be gorgeous as always :-)