Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Target Tuesday - Not the store

There are only two reasons why I am neglecting to do my daily post.  One - I am out enjoying life - golf with my buddies.  Two - entertaining visitors from Canada.  So what is this Target topic.  A couple of weeks ago, our neighbor and his son asked Jeff and I to join them at the Coyote Sporting Clays.  At first I was a little scared because it involves a firearm.  But after going through the safety video and actually holding a rifle or shotgun, it was not as bad.
Now the excitement begins.  We started with the easiest station and worked our way to seven different stations.  On the first one, I actually shot the disc (orange clay) that was coming from the right side.  At each of the station I was able to get one or two clay with the exception of one.  The last station, I am proud to say that I was able to get three in a row. The whole day I was giddy and was still very happy that I was able to shoot at a moving target that was fast.  On one of the station which was called the rabbit run, there was a white disc that was rolling down a small hill which replicates a bunny hopping.  No luck there as it was rolling down way too fast.  After our experience, we thought this would be a great adventure for some of our Canadian visitors.  This past weekend our friends Alex and Jamie stayed with us for 24 hours and we manage to take them there for an hour and a half.  We had fun and I have to compliment Alex for his score.  We completed six stations and he shot four out of four at least in four of the stations.  I know that Jeff and I are going to try it again someday.  I hope that my arms won't be hurting after like the first time we did.

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