Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Timely Tuesday - Five years already

Last week was my five year anniversary residing in San Jose, CA.  It doesn't seem that long ago, but time sure fly very very fast when you are busy or having a great time.  We really did not plan on anything, in fact I actually forgot about it until we were seating at a restaurant that we have never tried.  It was tucked away in some not so popular shopping plaza that has only a couple of business open.  The rest of the place were closed or for lease.
I did a quick search for reviews online and when I saw the first comment, I decided this was a good place.  It wasn't very busy which is how we like it to be.  The menu was not very big and they had four items on the special for the day.  The first thing we noticed was their prices were a bit more than what we like but since we are already there, we just hope for the best.  I decided to get one of the special which was the Furikake Seabass while Jeff decided to try their appetizer Quail but double the portion.  The service was excellent and my dinner was amazing.  The sea bass was cooked to perfection with a nice flavor.  Jeff was not really pleased with what he ordered but it was different and it was edible.  Would we go back there,
probably not because we can play for the same price but actually get more and a little more entrees to chose from.  We didn't mind the whole experience because it was my five year anniversary of moving in with Jeff.  As you know, Jeff is such an easy going person and that day was all about me.   Check out the photos of our dinner at Elements on Almaden.

Seabass with brown rice and quinoa plus steamed veggies

Two quail split in half served with mini garden salad


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