Saturday, August 29, 2015

Skillful Saturday - I need a putting green

Since we can have nice green grass in our backyard, I was suggesting to Jeff that maybe he could just build me a three hole practice putting green.  Looking at the area past our deck there should be enough space for a 3 or even 5 hole course.  Of course it will be artificial turf. But even if he does all the work, the materials would still be a bit expensive.  So I started searching for something that I could just place in the deck which is a flat area or when it's raining, I could just lay it flat on top of the tiles in our front entry way.  First site I check of course is Amazon aka Jeff's store.  Sure enough there's a couple of styles and inexpensive that would probably be enough.  I thought this would be more practical because if Jeff did build one in the backyard, I would be really sad to leave it if we ever move since I cannot take it.  Here's what I am considering instead. Total cost for the two will only be $62.  Yeah!

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