Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sincerely Saturday - August celebrants

There are so many birthday celebrants for the month of August that I am making today's post special for all my family and friends.  It's definitely the month that has the most names in our calendar.  Some of them are sharing the same date which is amazing.  It makes you wonder if there's a truth about six degrees of separation.  So I'm sending my birthday wishes to the following and hoping that their day will be filled with happiness.   
  • August 6 - Mike 
  • August 8 - Russ
  • August 16 - Jeff, Gil and Anjay
  • August 18 - Lisa
  • August 25 - Tom
  • August 26 - Carlos, Marie, Allister and Gino (My son's 34th birthday if)
  • August 28 - Gord
  • August 29 - Brock
  • August 30 - Joe

Image result for birthday card images
There are 13 candles for everyone except for Gino.

Image result for birthday cake
I wonder if Gino would like the Minions too.

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