Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Woeful Wednesday - When do I stop counting?

Today my son would have been 34.  I am not sure when I have to stop counting his age since he passed away when he was only 26.  It's very hard not to think of what he would be like now, what he would like as a birthday gift or where he would like to celebrate today.  If he was still with us, I am sure he would like to get one of the latest tech gadgets.  He would probably celebrate it with his buddies (Andrew, Anjay, Brian, James, Kamil, Mike M, Michael, Ryan, and Scott) and maybe even the girls (Rose, Catherine, Erin, Natalie, Stephanie and Kapana). It has been at least five or six years since I have since his friends.  I hope I did not forget anyone.  I wonder if they would be still hanging out with him.  Some of his friends are now married and one already has a child.  Some are still single or maybe in a relationship.  I also wonder when I hear some new band with their latest hit, if it would be something he would listen to.  This time, there'll be no poem.  I decided to just have this post and share a couple of my favorite photos of Gino.  Happy birthday son.  We miss you here.

How can you not miss this boy?

His friends made this collage of photos of Gino and gave it to me.  He was a fun loving kinda guy.

I know Gino liked Coldplay, so after listening and reading the lyrics, I felt that this is the one.

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