Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wonderous Wednesday - New coffee flavors

Just when I thought that the flavors of my coffee are starting to get a bit boring, there it was, new flavors that I have not tasted before.  As for Jeff he would be happy with the French Vanilla but he did get a little excited to find his other favorite "Chocolate Glazed Donut" by Donut House.  When we were looking for some items at Walmart, I told Jeff to check out the area where they have the Kcups for our Keurig.  He found me and ask me to check all the new flavors that were available.  The great deal was that they sell them cheaper than anywhere else.  I decided to call my MIL just in case she needed to replenish her supply.  It's good that I checked because we ended up buying seven boxes for her.  So here's some of the new flavors that we will soon taste.

If you have a Keurig Coffee Maker, which coffee brand do you prefer and which flavor is your favorite.  Last December we finally had a Tim Horton's Kcups which we only drink on special ocassion since you can only buy this in Canada.  


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  1. All of these sound really good. I wish I had a keurig or even one at work so I could try out all these flavours that you get. Let me know which one is your favorite.

    Chocolate glazed donut is one of my favorite too!