Sunday, June 8, 2014

Skort Sunday - Golf outfit

When the deals are so good, I can't help but get them.  Do I really need another golf outfit?  It really depends on how many times a week you would play?  I definitely can't wear the same outfit twice so I need at least a few shorts, shirts, capris and skorts.  Some of the set I got has been a few years old but still in great condition.  Others are either small because I keep drying them and some just does not look right.  I guess if I just buy the outfits and never wears them. then I have a problem, right.  Actually if I golf three times a week and lately it has been happening, then I definitely need a new one.  Next week, I will be golfing at a really nice course with my new golf buddy who recently retired.  He is actually one of Jeff's co-worker who I have golfed even before I moved here.  Sometimes his son golfs with us but he is so quiet you forget he is with us.  I guess now I have to show you exactly what I am talking about.  I hope my son in law does not see this because it's not the brand that he likes.  I have a matching socks that goes with this outfit as well as matching blue tees.  Go Play!


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