Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Timely Tuesday - Special Clock

A long time ago my aunt and uncle told me I was their favorite niece.  I was young then and I believed it until I met some other relatives and they told me that they were the favorites.  I wonder if those other nieces and nephews have something special that this particular uncle made.  If they don't have one, then I know that I am truly their favorite.  Many years ago after my uncle retired (from being an Architect), he took up several hobbies.  One of them is making special clock.  I believe he even made a special one out of wood and I think it still works.  The one he made for me was simple but funny and once you see the photo you will understand.  When my mother was still alive, I use to take her to visit my aunt (mom's sister) and uncle.  I think when he found out my busy life which includes a lot of travels and of course my sports and social life, he thought of an idea for my special clock.  This clock now hangs in our kitchen wall and it sure gets a lot of attention from our house guests.

My special clock that has kept perfect time for my busy life.

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