Saturday, June 21, 2014

Savory Saturday - Backyard produce

Before I share all the recent produce from our backyard (Jeff's garden), I would like to wish each and every reader and follower a great summer.  Today is the first day of summer and it is also the longest day of the year.  When we lived up in northern Canada, this was a special day because we get to see how long is the longest day.  The sunset and sunrise were very close.  Yesterday, I picked some of the tomatoes and added it to my breakfast omelet.  The fennel were grilled and it was delicious.  Check out what we currently have.  It seems like the garden is doing much better since the squirrels are not coming around the backyard.

Summer is definitely here.  The different festivals have started but we only have been to one so far.  The outside free music concerts have also began and we hope to check out some of them.  Enjoy your weekend from this week until the leaves start falling.

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