Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wholesome Wednesday - Latest lunch adventure

Since I moved to this area, I have heard so much about a particular golf course.  People that I have talked to have the same opinion about it specially when it comes to their restaurant.  One would think that golf courses would not be the first choice when it comes to having lunch.  But this one which is very close to my neck of the woods, apparently have a great restaurant.  Well, it's not just the food, it is actually a very nice golf course, although I have never played it, I have seen it last week and had the opportunity to have lunch.  My photos might not be the best but the food selection was great and the of course the service as well.
The place is called Cinnibar Hills Golf Club.    If you ever get a chance to visit San Jose or me, this is the course I would recommend that you play and of course, we have to stop by the 19th hole for some food and beverage.

My friend Jean and I tried their lunch menu a couple weeks ago and we know that we will be going back there again to try some of their other entrees.  Since our lunch was very filling so no dessert but I want to share you the latest one that Jean made last Friday for our night out.  It was decadent, full of surprises and it just created some fireworks in our mouth.

The top view of the Turtle Cake, so yummy!

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