Friday, June 13, 2014

Foodie Friday - Finally tried Burnt Rice

Last week for our surprise Thursday night, I got a call from my friend to check what plans we have for dinner.  Since that was the night that I tell Jeff "surprise" we are going out for dinner or "surprise" we are trying a new recipe.  I was out most of the day (golfing and shooting pool) so it was a perfect night to try something new.  I suggested that we try the new restaurant called Burnt Rice.  Somehow I think I have posted something already about this place.  The service was really good and food was reasonable and tasty which meant I came back.  Here's what we tried and the portions were big which ended up boxed to go.

Pork belly Burnt Rice BBQ

Spicy pork burnt rice bbq

Burnt rice jambalaya

Spicy port with Kimchee Fried Rice

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