Monday, March 31, 2014

Muddle Monday - It's all mixed up

For the last two weeks I have been really busy and did not even get a chance to open my laptop nor do some of the house chores.  But I'm not feeling bad about it because I was having fun and being productive.  The rain is back which means no golf and I really don't like being outdoors doing chores.  Today and tomorrow's forecast is rain all day.  What can I do?
Maybe do a few posts for my blog, get the Easter packages ready for mailing, catch up on house chores, give myself a mani-pedi and do some baking.  That should be about two days work.  I should also find another sewing project to add to my collection. My next door neighbor and I were thinking of setting up tables one weekend to have our own mini craft sale.  Since she has been doing crafts and she needs to sell them, I told her I would help her and maybe get some of my own crafts sold.  In the meantime, here's some of the photos I've taken lately just for sharing on days like this.

Two mallard ducks around the 9th green of the golf course

Mini Frittata - got the idea from my daughter - love it for breakfast

Bought the one on the right as it's comfy and perfectly match my new backpack.

Broccoli Flowers - after the harvest these are the flowers that came up.

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