Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wiki Wednesday - El Camino Bell

A few years ago Jeff and I had to change plans from going on a cruise to doing a road trip.  I have my flights booked to come to San Jose and a few days before they cancelled our cruise due to some recent medical alert from the Mexican Authorities.  Anyway, we decided to do a road trip from here all the way to Las Vegas but taking it easy since we had two weeks.  We visited Sedona, Arizona and some other places in California along the way.  There was also an interesting park called Antelope Canyons.  During the trip I noticed this particular post with a bell on it and it seems old.  Jeff told me it was the El Camino Bell.  I can't remember all the details but here's what I remember.  Of course you can check it yourself on Wikipedia to get the whole story behind it.  
  •  it is located on the historic roads of California all the way from San Diego to San Francisco
  • it connects the different 24 missions
  • it's distinctive bells along the route to mark the historic route
One morning on my way to meet my friend for breakfast, I noticed this historic land mark.  It's funny that I have passed this road many times but never paid attention to the bell.  I guess I was at the stop light and still day dreaming when I looked to my right and there it was.

The El Camino Bell directly behind the traffic light.  Monterrey Road aka State 82 in San Jose

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