Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seasonal Saturday - Let me try again

If you recall about a couple of years ago, I tried planting some flowers and a few days after the squirrels started eating all the flowers and digging up the plants.  I was so disappointed that I did not try again.  Two summers has gone by and I never planted anything.  As the first day of spring came and plants were sprouting everywhere, I decided to buy a few to try again.  Instead of planting it in our four level planter box,  I used the big empty pots that Jeff is not using.  For now they look really good in our backyard.  Not sure how long it will last.  So far the other pots have not been touched by those critters.  Here's what I have so far.

There is one plant that I have inside the house that is located in our kitchen counter.  Ever since I transplanted it to a bigger and nicer pot, this plant is just looking so great.  To think that I never thought it would survive 3 months.  So far this plant has lived under my care for almost two and half years. 

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