Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Travel Tuesday - Where am I going?

When you live in a place like sunny California, you probably think why would you want to be somewhere!  It's true that our weather has been really nice even our winters which usually is just rainy but it did not even do that this time.  So I cannot really complain but why do I feel like I need to go away.  Wait a minute, I know the answer.  Because where I came from, we are so used to going away at least twice a year, maybe even more.  The winter that my family and friends have experienced this year we so cold and so much snow that everyone is thinking about going away.  This year we have no plans yet but I have a few ideas. 
  • It's time to visit my daughter who I have not seen for at least a couple of years.
  • Meet one of my BFF in Vegas, it's going to be a last minute trip and it'll be short.
  • Attend the wedding in Toronto.  A friend who is like a son to me has invited Jeff and I to be part of this great celebration.  I am very happy for him and hope to be there.
  • Plan a trip somewhere with our friends J&G.  We have gone on vacations with them and we also do overnight trips around northern California.  
And if none of the above happens, I am looking forward to having my daughter and my favorite SIL, or my sister, or a few BFFs stay with us this year.  We had so much fun with our friends Rose and Percy this month.  Having visitors stay with us for a few days or a week is just as nice as going on vacation.  Of course it's nicer to get away to some destination like an all inclusive.  I believe one of my BFF's is planning her wedding this year and it might be a destination wedding.  
What if she chose this RIU resort in ARUBA!!

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