Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tarts Tuesday - Trying out new recipe

Last weekend we were invited to one of the neighborhood party to celebrate Diwali.  It was a potluck but the host made two types of curry and rice.  The rest of the guest brought a variety of side dishes and I was requested by the host to bring some desserts.  I started with the popular Pecan Butter Tarts but I used my sister's recipe which included some chocolate chips, coconut,raisins and pecans.  Then I decided to make a batch of Chinese Chews which my MIL use to make for us.  Now that we are apart, I had to make my own.  This is the second time I am making them.  The first time turned out just fine except I should have cut the squares while they were still warm and not the next day.  For some reason this time it did not turn out as good and it took forever to bake.  Then finally it was ready and I cut them while warm.  It is edible but not as chewy and perfect as the ones my MIL makes.  The third one is an Apricot Almond Bar that I saw on Pinterest. This is the first try and I might have left it a bit longer as the recipe called for 20 to 30 minutes, I believe 20 minutes was plenty.  Anyway, they are still good to consume, just a little crispy on the outside and chewy inside. 
Of course, everyone at the party enjoyed it as they didn't have any choice. LOL.  The lesson I learned this past week in baking, use my lower oven and use the middle rack.  Use the shorter time and then check and if more time required, add five minutes at a time until done.  I have tried new recipes before with great results, but every now and again, it seems like I stumble a little.  Check out the results of this weekend special at our Cranberry Portage B&B. Almost forgot to share the trial Deep Fried Apple Roll.

Apple wedges rolled in cinnamon and sugar wrapped and deep fried.

Pecan butter tarts and more.

Apricot and Almond Bars.

The Assortment (brownies, chews, cookies, apricot bard, pineapple bars and magic bars)

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