Friday, November 15, 2019

Fabrics Friday - What inspires me?

It does not take much to excite me or to inspire me to start a new project.  This week I am going to try and make a blouse from scratch without using a pattern.  Lately after each episode of the Great British Sewing Bee show, I get inspired to try something new.  Sometimes it could be just easy projects that can be completed in half an hour.  Like the last three items I finished the other day are the gifts for Jeff's son and grandchildren.  We wanted to mail them early so it will be there in time for Christmas.  Now that is out of the way, I can try to figure out this blouse which I will be making from three different fabric I found in my collection.  Both are made of 100 percent cotton except for the lace.  Since I didn't have enough of the floral fabric, I thought I would add some lace and the plain blue fabric will be used for bias around the neck or the armhole.  Many moons ago, I knew how to make my own pattern for whatever type of clothing I wanted to make.  But since I haven't done that, I am not as comfortable in making a pattern first.  So I will just wing it, just measure the fabric twice and cut once.  I am using one of my blouse that is a good fit just as a guide.  I hope to finish the blouse in a day and hopefully by the time I am ready to post, it will be ready for show and tell. 
These are the fabrics I will be using for my blouse.

The completed product, without a pattern but fits perfectly.

This unicorn pouch is for his granddaughter.

This penguin pouch is for his grandson.

This is for his son.

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