Monday, April 2, 2018

Measuring Monday - Measure twice, cut once

"Measure twice, cut once", the message that is embedded in my mind after I heard it from Jeff's dad.  Not only does it apply to carpentry, it applies to sewing, crafts, etc.  So yes, I was doing a lot of this because I was making a cover for our cushion for the window bench in our master's bedroom.  It had been over six months since we moved to our home and it was about time to get it done.  Luckily for me, there's a store in downtown Vernon that sells awesome foam that you get cut to whatever measurement you needed.  Also what is nice about that store is that they have a variety of foam for whatever purpose you need them.  After the foam was cut and paid for, we headed to Fabricland to purchase the material to make the cover for this cushion.  I timed it well since they were having an anniversary sale and the outdoor fabric and upholstery fabrics were also on sale.  There were a variety of colors and patters but my eyes were fixed on a particular design and color.  The salesperson who helped me was very good at figuring out what I needed and gave some great tips on how I should do it.  But of course when I got home, I knew I will have to do my own way of making the cover.  So the project began, I measured twice and cut once.  I sewed the two pieces together and placed the fabric on the foam, similar to putting the pillow on a pillowcase.  The two end part of the cushion cover was stitched by hand and everything was completed in less than two hours.  I still had an afternoon to do more so I made a skirt for a little girl who lives across our home.  She was very happy to get it and wore it for Easter Sunday.  After dinner, I decided to make a new wreath for our door for Spring/Summer.  

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