Sunday, April 8, 2018

Surprise Sunday - It makes me happy

Surprise, surprise, surprise.  These 3 same words I always hear when I watch the old reruns of The Andy Griffith show.  Since we are talking about surprises, I wanted to share my 3 recent surprises.  I love surprises even if it's just a small kind or a bigger kind.  But I am not good for keeping a surprise.
For example, if I see something that my daughter might love, I will get it and send it to her but instead of keeping it as a surprise, I start getting worried if she has not receive it, so basically I ruin the surprise for her because I would ask if she got the package.  She on the other hand, is very good with surprising me. Like she would send a package and not tell me and usually the surprise is a real surprise because I was not expecting it and in addition the item is truly amazing. Here's what I got last week for Easter.

Another surprise came in the mail and it was an Easter card from one of my BFF from Ontario. I'm so thank she still thinks of me and now I have to sit down and write back as she lives getting a surprise snail mail from me.  In life all this small things that makes me happy and others as well.  Maybe you too can enjoy sending someone a small surprise.  Have a great Sunday.

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