Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Woody Wednesday - Home made shutters

It has taken all this time for Jeff to finally complete this project that I had given him to do.  When we moved into our home, the windows in our entertainment/family room had this awful looking drapes. It was dark and the fabric was made of pretend leather and pretend suede.  So now you could imagine what it looked hung in that room.  It made the room so dark and so uninviting.  That's when I said to Jeff we have to do something about that.  At first we thought of installing the really nice blinds but it was way too expensive.  Later we thought we should just find some drapes that are on sale but it has to be lighter color and an easy care type fabric.  After not finding anything at all, Jeff thought he would just make some wooden shutters that would replicate those bi-fold doors.  I asked if we could paint it red to match our front door.  We shopped for the wood, the hardware and then the paint.  Jeff started working on it and we thought we would add some small decorative wooden stuff.
We found some small wooden stars and a couple of wooden maple leaf from Michael's.  We also bought four decorative stuff from the antique shop, but Jeff ended up not using them. Now I am sure you wanted to see the finished product.  Check out the photos of Jeff's work of art. 

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