Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sweetest Saturday - They are irresistible

It was time for me to do some baking again for an event that we are hosting at home.  At first I thought that maybe I should just serve some of the leftover treats that I made around the holidays.  Instead both Jeff and I decided to stay home that day and get busy in the kitchen.  Everyone in our group loves his chocolate chip cookies and who does not love them.  I made some mini and regular cupcakes.  The flavor - PINA COLADA with a cream cheese/marscapone frosting with sprinkles of toasted coconut.  The other treat I made was the very easy 6 layer bar aka magic cookie bar.  Remember that kind of layering 6 different ingredients and adding a can of condensed milk at the end, baking it for 30 minutes and you have the most decadent bar ever.  When I turned around, I noticed three bananas calling me and asking me to take care off them.  Guess what happened to them?  It became the very best banana/pineapple bread.  After baking it, I couldn't just slice them, I had to have the end piece.  So yummy.  What are you baking this weekend. 

Jeff's chocolate chip cookies

Pina Colada mini cupcakes with cream cheese/marscapone frosting.

Seven layer bar with graham crumbs, dates, pecans, marshmallow,
white chocolate chips, coconut and condensed milk.

The classic Sofia Loren Tiramisu

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