Thursday, April 12, 2018

Tulips Thursday - But actually it's crocus

The first day of April arrived and with it came the snow.  Was it an April fool's joke?  Well, maybe, but I didn't appreciate it because it is supposed to be spring, not winter.  It only lasted a few hours and by the middle of the afternoon, the snow had melted.  The next day was a beautiful warm sunny day and I took time to inspect the flowers the were popping up in our front yard.  I wondered what they were and immediately thought they were tulips as the petals were still closed.  There was some white one and some pretty purple ones as well.
I decided to take a photo and send it to my friend, the master gardener.  When she responded to my message, I found out they were actually crocus and not tulips.  The other good information that I got from her is that these crocus will come up each spring.  So I thought, bonus.  I won't have to do anything except to make sure we water it and maybe add a bit of vitamins or food plant.  Check out these pretty flowers.  

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