Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tricky Tuesday - No pattern sewing

If you do some sort of sewing, when was the last time you bought a pattern. OMG they are ridiculously priced.  You might as well pay a little more and buy whatever it is you wanted to make. Between the price of pattern, fabric and notion not including your time for making it, is it worth it?
Well, sometime it is if you want to make something special for someone.  Also if you think you can wing it and make that particular dress or skirt or whatever.  This week I am attempting to make a summer dress for a 7 year old girl.  I decided to make it and it will be a special gift as she will be receiving her first communion.  She is a very sweet girl and I know she will love this dress.  Going through my left over fabric collections, I found one that will be enough to make a simple dress with a bit of accent.  When she stopped by to give me a Kinder Surprise for Easter, I decided to take her measurements.  So the photo I will share is my drawing/design of what I will attempt to make.  The second photo will be the fabric I will use to make the dress. The tricky part is that I have to do it without a pattern and I will apply her measurements right on the fabric then proceed with the cutting.  Remember my other blog, MEASURE TWICE - CUT ONCE.  Unfortunately I have been busy with another order (see apron), that I will not be able to show you the finished dress.  But hopefully I can share the finished product in a couple of days.

This is for one of our neighbor. She ordered it for one of her granddaughter.

This is my drawing of the dress I wanted to make.  No pattern.

This is fabric I will use for the dress. 
The completed dress ready for delivery.

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  1. Hello. I just found your blog while blog surfing. How fun and downright inspiring! The sewing, the cooking, the snacks.. oh my. I hope you'll visit my blog and follow along as well.

    I'm going to do a giveaway as my way back into blogging after many years of being away. If you would like, please come and join in. THanks for having me.