Friday, July 28, 2017

Fleeing Friday - Canada here we come

Today is not about me.  Today I have a guest blogger who is very near and dear to my heart. For most of you, you know him as my husband, Jeff.

JEFF start typing....

Big moves, from working to retired, from USA to Canada, selling 3 old cars and replacing with an RV, trailer and a Ford C Max.  With all my new found free time, I will have to find some new hobbies.  Fortunately, there are many lakes and things to do in our new home town.  With my wife's permission I see me acquiring a new toy. Maybe my former dentist Dr. Syn will provide some fly fishing lessons when he gets the opportunity to visit.  During the down time while waiting for the house to close, I found some interesting volunteer opportunities like, help remodel kitchen of a particular community center.  
I definitely won't be missing the worsening traffic in the Bay area.  It seems to take forever to go anywhere.  When I purchased my electric, it cut my commute time in half.  As the years went by, the commute had gotten just as bad even using the HOV lane.  Although I will miss my friends at work, I will not miss the work itself.

We finally arrived at our new home in Vernon, BC on Sunday July 30 at 530 pm.  While unloading our boxes from the trailer, we noticed the welcoming committee of this neighborhood.

These two deer started in the front of our house, sort of nodded their heads and went to our backyard.

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