Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Waiting Wednesday - Only a few more sleep

Why does escrow take 30 days to process the selling of a house?  Sometimes I wonder if they just want to have extra days to deal with the unexpected.  Anyway it is finally going to happen.  The papers will be signed off and whatever else needed to get done.  We will plan to head north soon.  We are looking forward to this new adventure.  Today, while cleaning some of the last few items, I found our guest book for our Cranberry Portage B&B.  It was very interesting to know that during the seven years I lived here, we had 30 visits from friends and family from Canada and USA.  Now that we are moving the location of our B&B, we will sending our new information electronically.  I will have to design a new brochure for our B&B.  I am not sure if I will keep the name but since my blog is named the same, probably will keep the same name with different address.  I know for some it won't be that exciting because we will be in Canada.  Some our friends here in the Bay area are planning on visiting us as well as some of our friends in Canada.  Of course we won't be accepting reservations until we have everything in place, like beds to sleep on, tables and chairs, etc. Last night our neighborhood group went out for dinner so they can say goodbye to us. My friend Pam gave me a very nice gift.  Here's a photo of the gift. We will definitely miss this neighborhood as we have made great friends, but we know we will see them when we come to visit the Bay Area.  There's friends in Discovery Bay, El Dorado Hills, Daly City, Los Angeles as well as family in Arroyo Grande, Newark, Hemet that we hope to visit. We also have some friends who we can visit in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  

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