Friday, July 7, 2017

Friendship Friday - Another reconnection

Every now and then we would come home and there's actually a message on our home phone.  Someone once ask me, do you still keep a land line? With all the current technology and amazing cell phones, most of our family and friends have given up land lines.  But since it's part of our provider package and it's free, we still have it available for those who want to
call our home phone.  Sometimes it's annoying because the majority of the calls are telemarketers or wrong numbers.  To my surprise, last Monday I got home from golf and there was a couple of messages.  One was a reminder of my massage appointment and the other was a female voice giving her name and where I knew her and her phone number.  At first I was having a difficulty processing and after the second time I listened to the message, I knew who it was.   I called her back and it was such a nice reconnecting chat.  She told me how she found my info and that she has been trying to search me on any type of social media.  It was funny because she said she really loved my outgoing message on our home phone.  She asked me who Kevin was and I guess she does not know who the minions are. Have you reconnected with someone from your childhood?  Maybe from some high school friends or maybe even University friends?  Unfortunately sometimes it does not work because people change and you don't have anything to talk about or maybe just awkward.

Image result for kevin minion
Introducing KEVIN my favorite minion.
You know what is funny after picking Kevin as my favorite minion, I realized that my hairdresser's name is also Kevin as well as my golf teacher is also Kevin.  Almost forgot, my cousin in law's boyfriend is also Kevin.

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