Sunday, July 9, 2017

Solitude Sunday - It's not our home anymore

Day after day we have been living in the house that use to be our home but not anymore. Since the house has been staged for selling purposes and since we have removed almost all our personal items, our lives has been a little bit of a solitude.  We left the basic necessities for cooking, for daily cleaning, personal hygiene and of course our favorite electronics. Thank goodness we still have our TV, internet and even our home phone.  We also have not disconnected Alexa which keeps us company when we are just in our living room and nothing to watch on TV.  This weekend we packed more items that we don't need in the RV and smaller items in the trailer.  We would really want to head north but escrow is taking a long time to complete.  Each week there's still something to be checked, inspected or appraised.  I am sitting in the pretend little office that use to be our guest room.  Last week I did a bunch of baking in order to use all the ingredients that were in open packages.  Some days I would like to make or cook something only to find that I don't have any of my kitchen cookware.  Some days we are so bored since I can't do any craft or sewing.  We manage to play a few hours of tennis as we can still access our racquet and balls from the trailer.  The only other item I have not stored are my golf clubs and push cart.  I plan to golf every week until I am told of a final date of escrow.  Here's all the sweet treats that I baked using recipes from Pinterest.

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  1. I remember this from last year - itching to get on the road because life was all packed up! Hope things go smoothly. xo