Monday, July 10, 2017

Tennis Tuesday - Wimbledon is exciting

It's hard to believe that Wimbledon Championship is over.  There must have been hundreds of hours of recorded coverage that I breeze through each morning at breakfast.  The one pleasant experience is that one of the players in the women's bracket is not playing but the sister is still hanging on. However in the men's final, the Big 4 were all there for the Round of 16 and then after all the games were played, only RF, my favorite tennis player of all time is going forward to play the Semi Final on Friday.  I am sure if you were watching some of the games or following the sports news, there were many players who retired.  Of course there's the question of how real were the injuries.  Did they just want to get the prize money and not play through.  It was sad to see Novak retire and to see Nada lose on the fifth set against Muller.  I am so looking forward to the one semi-final between Federer and Berdych. I will be cheering both Friday and hopefully Sunday for the finals for Roger.  Almost forgot to mention that I breeze through all their chit chat because one of the sports commentator that is fairly new is the coach of that player that I am not fond of.  It's hard to listen to him, so each time he's on the, I just click click click.  That's the benefit of DVR.  In a month the US Open is scheduled and I am hoping that we will have a new TV, a cable provider and a new DVR.  Until the next Grand Slam tournament, good luck to my favorite RF for this Wimbledon men's final.

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