Monday, August 21, 2017

Mountain Monday - Moving is not for old people

First I would like to apologize to all my followers and readers for not having a new post for over three weeks.  I will blame it the most recent big move we did and for the internet provider which took forever to figure out what we have and where our address is locate.  So the topic today is about moving and old people.  Why did I pick that, I am actually not sure because I started this three weeks ago while using my friends internet.  I just remembered, it was because when the first part of our furniture were delivered, there was a young guy and an old guy who happens to be the driver.  They did such a good job bringing our mattress and box spring as well as the love seat and bar stools.  The older guy spent a few minutes chatting with Jeff while the young guy put together our bed and the love seat. By the way I forgot to mention that we have stairs that goes to the main living space.  I have to give them a lot of credit for their expertise in furniture delivery.  They were fast, courteous and punctual.  So here's the collection of our new items in our new home.  Now we can sit and enjoy the view and finally have our dinner at the table. 

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