Thursday, July 20, 2017

Throwback Thursday - The Backyardigans

About 13 years ago, my daughter and I were bored one morning and starting watching the children channel.  I think it was Nick Jr.  We saw one episode of the Backyardigans and we loved it so much, we watch some more.  My daughter only watch a couple and I ended up watching all the episodes.  The songs are so catchy and their dancing are so in the groove.  A couple of days ago while visiting our friends in Discovery Bay, I got a chance to hang out with their grandson, Jackson.  We all went on their boat and took a slow cruising around the discovery bay.  After a while he was getting a little bored so I took my phone and we started watching some children's show.  There was Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse and of course the Backyardigans.  He was enjoying them and my friends were amazed on how much I know about these shows.  Not only that I knew all the lyrics to their
theme songs.  Almost forgot, my daughter told me that her youngest nephew Brantley now likes the Backyardigans.  I got very excited and thought I could share my DVD's with him. Apparently they don't have a DVD and probably just streaming.  What is funny is that I have a few DVD of the different episodes of the Backyardigans.  On Wednesday morning I received a video of the kids singing the song and I love it as they truly did a great job.  I shared it with Jackson and like me, he just wants to watch it over and over.  Now I want to make a video for the kids.  I will do the song A message and dance like Uniqua. Hopefully they will have fun and have a good laugh when they see it.  

Image result for backyardigans uniqua
UNIQUA is my favorite.

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