Friday, July 14, 2017

Freehand Friday - A new project

When my daughter ask me if I can make something like this, after sharing a photo, I immediately said YES, I can do it.  We are currently in the waiting game after we sold the house as escrow takes forever.  There's nothing left in our home except a sofa, two folding chairs, two small side table and the bed that use to be in our guest room.  All my sewing items and craft items are all packed in the trailer.  When I saw the project that she wanted me to make for her sister in law, I was very exciting because I knew it would not require a lot of notions.  It was very simple, a white piece of fabric for the banner, black thread for stitching, three neutral color yarn for the pompoms and finally a wooden dowel.  I asked my MIL if I can borrow her bigger hoop for the embroidery part.  The stitch is very simple - running stitch.  Since I don't have my sewing machine, I was planning on finishing the banner this weekend and when I visit my friend Jean, I could use her sewing machine as I know it's always set up in her craft room.  Yesterday I was able to drag Jeff to Hobby Lobby and get the supplies for this project.  I truly hope I can deliver to this task for my daughter's SIL (sister in law).  Here's the two projects that I must complete before we head North.

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