Monday, July 24, 2017

Mishmash Monday - because I need to post

Only a few more days before we head north and get back to normal life.  I wanted to make sure there's a new post for my followers but it was difficult to work on my lap top. We have no more furniture in our house.  There's a couple of folding chairs, our sofa, guest bed and a folding table which I use my crafts.  Sometimes I would look for my lap top and it has been moved depending on what Jeff needs to do around the house.  Tonight I decided to write a post and I am actually using my lap to work while sitting on the folding chair.  It's weird but this is truly my first time working on my computer and it's actually sitting on my lap.  LOL. What I have to share today is a mix up of things that I have received, bought, etc.  As you know I cannot really buy anything as there is no more room on our RV or the trailer.  But these items are small so I guess it's ok.

This was a raffle prize I won when we attended a retirement party of a friend of Jeff.

"Tristan" the name of the style of pizza from MOD pizza.  It was so yummy I had the leftover for breakfast.

Our appetizer at Rock Bottom Brewery.  Freshly baked pretzel with a spinach with Asiago cheese dip.

Courtesy of Sephora - a belated birthday gift from them.

We finally took down my twig ball hanging lamp and gave it to my friend Debbie.  I will miss this item.

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