Sunday, July 16, 2017

Spoiled Sunday - It can't be better than this

Last Tuesday was Prime Day Deals on Amazon.  I got so excited to check out what were the deals.  It was very interesting to see all kinds of deals but at first there was nothing that interest me, until I saw E010.  You might be wondering what is this number means.  It all started when we had nothing to watch on TV and I stumble upon DRL (Drone Racing League).  After show, I told Jeff I want my own beginner Drone toy.  Luckily, it was available during the Prime Day Deal on Amazon.  So I placed it on the Wish List and of course Jeff ordered it for me.  Yeah.  It can't be better than this because it arrive the next day.  There was another item that we wanted to get and Jeff decided to order it since it was such a great deal.  I am calling it the daughter of Alexa, the Echo Dot will be a great addition to our techie family.  Jeff ask what color I wanted and I chose the white one.  We plan to have it in our new home, most likely in our upstairs area and have Alexa in the family room.  Now that I have my own Drone and Jeff has his, it was time for us to have our own race around the empty home.  Unfortunately we are still trying to tweak the piloting of our drone.  It's very finicky and there's some extra buttons for trimming but it's difficult to do all the adjustments while learning how to operate it.  Since everything is all packed, I am not allowed to buy anything anymore, but on Friday my MIL and I went to Kohl's and I got a new sandal flip flop and a new top for a very good price.

My new toy E010 aka Whirlie

Introducing Alexa's daughter DOT.

Jeff's not so new toy - Whytti

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