Thursday, June 1, 2017

Touring Thursday - Just cruisin'

This year I celebrated my birthday without any big party instead it was a get together with our couple friends.  We spent the weekend in Discovery Bay and the weather was perfect.  Our friends recently bought a pontoon boat and we were lucky to be able to cruise for a couple of hours in and around the the bay.  We arrived late and we joined our friends for lunch.  Then it was time to sail and since I don't know how to swim and a little afraid of the water, my friend got me a special life jacket.  After a while it was getting too warm and I removed the jacket and was comfortable and a little brave that I even dipped my feet on the water.  When we return we had a BBQ pork, grilled corn on the cob, garden salad and garlic bread.  Of course my friend served cake and ice cream since it was my birthday.  Here's some of the photos we took for our trip.  It was a perfect birthday and I love all the cards, gifts, surprises, text greetings, email greetings, telephone calls from family and friends.  


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