Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Welcoming Wednesday - Something new something old

Oops, did not want to alarm anyone, no one is getting married.  The topic is more about something new I have and something old that I restored.  It's another mix up of subjects that I wanted to share today.  Please welcome the first plum from Jeff's tree.  Last year we only harvested two since the rest were eaten by the birds or just it was too ripe and fell off.  We actually picked about six plums. 

The next item I want to welcome to my collection is my new flipflop.  Since I packed most of my foot wear, there was a need for another flip flop to be used when we travel on our RV.  It was probably my last time to get something at my favorite store - ROSS.  We stopped by during the weekend while an open house is being held.  I picked one that would match with the current purse I am using - pink.  Then Jeff said, oh the sisterhood of the travelling flipflops.

The last item to be welcomed to my post is my MIL's mail box.  A few years ago, when I decided to make our own mail box, I thought it would be nice to make one for her also with her favorite logo.  After a few years, I noticed that the paint is fading more and more.  The first time I did it, I used my red color nail polish that has a bit of shine.  I promised my MIL that I will fix it and give it a new coat of paint.  Since we had to get out of the house during open house, I bought the paint and did the restoration while it was still a little cool temperature.

For those of you who has met my MIL, you know that she loves lady bugs.  In fact she has two friends who are her neighbors for many years.  All three of them are lady bug fans.  If one finds a new item that has lady bug in them, they buy three so everyone will have the same item.  They use to meet every Thursday for an adventure, some lunch and whatever they feel like doing.  Lately they just meet at one of the homes and have ice cream and cookies.

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